You Put What in Your Mouth?! Why Clean Your Mouthguard Pt. 1

You Put What in Your Mouth?! Why Clean Your Mouthguard Pt. 1

How often do you clean your mouthguard?
It’s no secret that your mouthguard can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs if you don’t take care of it. But people often miss that failing to clean their mouthguards can lead to major dental hygiene issues. From bad breath to gum disease, not cleaning your mouthguard can put you at risk.

No One Wants to See (or Smell) That Mess

Have you been around a training partner that could KO people just by their breath? If the answer is no… it might have been you. But that stank isn’t an accident, it’s from a buildup of bacteria. If you aren’t cleaning your mouthguard regularly, it will become a petri dish for bacterial growth and become a scary sight (and scent).

Didn’t Clean Your Mouthguard? Are You an NBA Champion?

No one wants to see a messy mouthguard. Unless you’re Steph Curry, famous for rocking his mouthguard halfway out of his mouth. His half-chewed mouthpiece even made it into a videogame version of him. Still, he regularly pays 10s of thousands of dollars in fines for mouthguard-related issues like throwing it at referees. Let the record show, we do not condone either type of mouthguard use, and he replaces his custom mouthguard every few days.
But as GQ seems to think, his dripping mouthguard isn’t protecting his legacy in photographs either. Many fans agree it’s distracting to watch, if not a bit gross too. Dental professionals think it’s terrible for his mouthguard’s effectiveness and is a bad example to kids. Plus, it only encourages more bacterial growth every time he pulls it out and swings it around.

A Valuable Bucket of Spit

Now, the $3,190 a fan paid for one of Curry’s used mouthguards seems like a lot. But, it’s nothing compared to the different kind of drip Floyd Mayweather paid for with the $25,000 mouthguard he used fighting Manny Pacquiao. He even had it loaded with actual $100 bills.
Put your money where your mouth is, or in it, right?
Not to be outdone, Jake Paul got a diamond-loaded mouthguard for $50,000, supposedly the most expensive mouthguard ever made.
While those are absurd levels, “Money” Mayweather noted that valuing your oral health is worth its weight in gold.
“My career’s gone on 19 years and I’ve been able to preserve my smile.”
Floyd Mayweather (in 2015)
Maybe your own million-dollar smile is already pulling in Mayweather-level money. Even if it’s not yet, it’s valuable to protect it. Besides, do you really want to turn your mouthguard (and mouth) into a billboard for bacterial growth?

Forget Remembering to Clean Your Mouthguard

G’rilla Box gives you the solution. We know that few people actually clean their mouthguards regularly, and you’re probably among that group. It’s okay, we made a mouthguard case that not only protects your mouthguard from the nasty out there in the world but it also cleans itself. You can get access to special promotions by subscribing to our email newsletter, so what are you waiting for?
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