Inside the Box: How to Use Your Grilla Box

Watch this video for a 2 minute demonstration.

Opening Your Grilla Box:

1. Palm the bottom and back of the Grilla Box with one hand. With the other, pull the front tab up with a slight wiggle from side to side.

Preparing Your Grilla Box for Use:
1. With the logo facing you, use two hands with thumbs on the front and fingers on the back, apply pressure by pulling each end toward you to release the latch. Remove the Bottle Cover.
2. To remove the bottle, turn counterclockwise a quarter turn. Gently pull the bottle from the main compartment.
3. Squeeze your Grilla Juice cleaning solution into the bottle, being sure not to overfill.
4. With the bottle’s open end facing up, align the arrows on the bottle with the logo on the container and twist clockwise a quarter turn to lock the bottle into place. The divot on the bottle should face up.
5. Snap bottle cover back into place.

Using Your Grilla Box:

Watch this video for a 2 minute demonstration.

Written Instructions:
1. First, open the container and place your mouth guard into the compartment.
2. Snap the cover fully closed to the lock position. Ensure that the cover is not in the venting position (air slots will be visible in the venting position only).
3. Hold the Grilla Box vertical with the bottle above the cleaning compartment.
4. Squeeze the bottle 3x to release cleaning solution.
5. Shake the bottle 20-30 seconds.
6. To drain, open to the venting position by gently pulling up on the front tab. Air slots will be visible. Discard used Grilla Juice by holding the container vertical and allowing drainage through vents.
7. Lastly, open the container, remove your mouth guard, and enjoy!

Always store your mouthguard in the venting position, which allows air to circulate.