G’rilla Files #3 – Collectable Insert – Bonus Content

Crossword Answer Key

Gorillas might not be your first pick for crossword puzzle aficionados but they can pack a punch! Especially if that punch is directed at the crossword clue designer…
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Answer Key
4. Black Eye
7. Grilla Box 
8. Gorilla
9. Knockout 
1. Silverback 
2. Space Station 
3. Ape
5. Champion 
6. Mouthguard 
Answers to Your G’rilla Box FAQs
What’s the G’rilla backstory, how did we get here? Check out this interview with founder Mike Santoro.
Why does having a clean mouthguard matter? Our articles on this topic cite the latest and G’reatest.
What music do G’rillas listen to? We knew you’d ask… so we collected the data and prepared a playlist for just this occasion. Check it out here.

You made it. The future of mouthguard cleaning is now part of history and you’ve been an important part of making it possible; thank you for your support!