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Grilla Box - Self Cleaning Mouthguard Case Smooth

Grilla Box - Self Cleaning Mouthguard Case Smooth

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When you use a mouthguard often, it’s going to get dirty. And let’s be honest, how often do you clean it? Its also embarrassing because your training partner has to smell your breath caused by a disgusting mouthguard! Same deal with night guards. It’s easy to forget to clean your mouthguard and so many cases won’t even stay shut. 

This self cleaning container is antimicrobial and BPA free to ensure the safest and cleanest mouthguard.

Grilla “Juice” – The sanitizer used in the Grilla Box is 100% natural and alcohol free. It contains only 4 all natural ingredients..  All case purchases come with 4oz of Grilla Juice.

Grilla Box is here to make sure you can push your limits, stay healthy, compete with some swagger, and always, to have fun in this moment we get to live.

Getting an infection is no fun, and hardly anyone cleans their mouthguard enough. Grilla box will make it easy for you to avoid infections and keep your smile shining bright.



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